Whooooa boy oh boy oh boy – what a way to go, eh ?

In order to get rid of my fairly extensive collection of Scotch, I decided to get a few people who have a deep & moving love for the stuff around to my place, as well as a few choice nibbles, and just let everyone try as much of whatever they wanted as was available.(Click here for larger photo)

The assembled whiskies were a fairly imposing visage – initially I was worried that there wasn’t going to be enough, and was semi-seriously considering going to acquire another last minute bottle. Lucky I didn’t however, because we were left with 3 half-bottles. Not a bad effort, by anyone’s measure. There were 12 of us, and about 13 bottles in various stages of decay.

Kev was quite amazed at the different flavours one could achieve in such a drink – it’s very much like wine & beer in that regard. Truth be known, I can recognise many more differences between whiskies than I can with wines !

It was also handy to have Glyn on hand, as he’s been collecting and drinking whiskies for many years now, and was able to impart much knowledge to those present. There again, he could have just been talking bollards – we wouldn’t have known any better really…

As I was supplying the liquid for the evening, I put it to my fellow participants to bring food, and between them they assembled quite an awesome variety of cheeses – on par with the whiskey selection ! Looking at all the labels on them made me feel like I was in the midst of a Monty Python sketch!

I’d like to thank those who came for an excellent night, commiserate the ones who couldn’t make it, and apologise to the people I couldn’t invite due to lack of room. The Goodwood Road Bruhaus was fairly closely packed that night.

In retrospect it’s probably just as well that I put a 2 week interval between Scotchtoberfest and my next party – I think by the time the 16th rolls around I may just be up to drinking again.

2004-04-06 : Night of the Screaming Livers
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