The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 5

This might be the first time I’ve said this about this show, but I actually enjoyed this season – and this represents a bit of a seachange in that it’s become more driven by plot, and seems less about making

The Orville – Season 3

The Orville’s now almost totally shed its comedy roots and transmorphed into a late-90s space scifi serial. Season 3 was a “replatforming”, that saw a new titlecard (The Orville – New Horizons), and longer episode lengths – which made for

Star Wars: Andor

Holy crap. THIS is good Star Wars Universe content. As my colleague put it, “It doesn’t have space wizards” – what it DOES have is intrigue, politics, characters you give a shit about, and storyline that it’s foregone conclusion EVEN

House of the Dragon – Season 1

OK, so I was ALWAYS gonna be watching this, and will watch it to completion unless it gets really dire.  The world’s too rich not to. However, it’s worth registering at this point: they’re pretty bloody earnest, aren’t they? Totally lacks

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Such a rich setting. And ambitious in scale.  Incredible detail.  Really struggles in the way that prequels with known source material do though in that we know this is a story that needs to hit certain beats.  The storytelling’s a

The Sandman

Having never read the GRAPHIC NOVELS but heard loads about them over the years I was very keen to watch this, and mostly enjoyed the British emo/stoner vibing lead character. Took me a minute to pick up that as a

The Boys – Season 3

This show.  My god, this show.  I found myself describing in breathlessly to a workmate and realised that I absolutely love it.  Flawed characters… flawed SUPERHEROES… and the set pieces – even after 2 eye-popping seasons, they can *still* pull

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I really think Ewan McGregor was giving this all he had, but it’s not possible to overcome the laziness of the Star Wars franchise and its 21st Century architects.  A patronising parade of fan-appeasing lip-service stretched over a jeopardy-free plot,

Diriliş: Ertuğrul – Season 2 (completion)

We started this season in around Feb/March last year. They’re just so damn epic in scale! Season 2 was quite the journey, with LOTS of key character deaths and huge changes in the political setup in 13th Century Turkey.  It’s

The Book of Boba Fett

Thanks again, Disney, for force-feeding me more bullshit.  Take one of the best, most ruthless, understated characters from the Star Wars universe, build the fanbase’s expectation & excitement, and then reveal that the bloke underneath is a smug boomer who’s