Fortune and Glory

Fun little excursion, whereby Birmo’s written a story featuring 3 of his characters from his “The Disappearance” trilogy but set it in the world of SM Stirling’s “Emberverse”. Not that I’ve read that. But, you don’t really even need to

The Last Day

Absolute belter of a first novel from one of the “QI Elves” – a dystopian future novel that stands up to John Birmingham levels of excellent, set in a world where the Earth has stopped rotating. Very difficult to put

Dave vs. the Monsters: Resistance

2nd instalment in the Dave vs. the Monsters trilogy – fresh from saving the world, this instalment sees Dave revelling in his newfound adulation in Vegas, when The Horde make themselves known once again. You’re not gonna learn anything reading

Dave vs. the Monsters: Emergence

Proper ludicrous fantasy/fiction here from JB – a deep-drilling oil rig somehow taps through to a banished demon horde civilisation, and a seemingly un-redemptionworthy everyman (Dave Hooper) finds himself imbued with superhero powers to combat them. Plenty of military operations

From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars)

Bit of a baffling one this – it takes the chronological run of Star Wars (or, if you’re hung up on such things, “Episode IV: A New Hope”) and then each chapter of this book is a short story written

The Cruel Stars

John Birmingham’s latest dramatic fiction, told in a similar style to his Axis of Time trilogy but this time the setting is a future space colonial civilisation, where aristocratic family corporations run planetary systems, and they come under attack from

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