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Misery tubes 0

Misery tubes

There’s something intrinsically depressing about British trains, I think. From the second you step on them you’re predestined for a gladiatorial territory dispute for a seat (frustration level adjusted based on whether you’ve paid...

Ooooh! 0


Mitch & Rupert have started a folky session! That’s a bit of a treat.

Brief, but spectacular 0

Brief, but spectacular

As it’s the last day that our dear friend Connie is running The Coach & Horses in Longborough, the lads & I thought we might scoot up the A44 and give her a farewell...

Elk-bothering stilts 0

Elk-bothering stilts

2 things really. 1) I didn’t think the phrase “elk-bothering stilts” should go unblogged (i.e. “Go strap on your elk-bothering stilts, and let’s go bother some elks!”) 2) the bloke in the following photo...

Vansinnig mjölk 0

Vansinnig mjölk

Still on the search for palatable chocolate milk (raised as I was on the highly excellent Farmers’ Union Classic Chocolate, nothing on this side of the world has proven a viable substitute). In the...

Sfsg 0


Here we are, set up at our excellet apartment in Åre. So far we’ve done a fair portion of remarking about how cold it is (-16 C), had an excellent dinner (Thai chicken curry...

Jingle jingle, etc. 0

Jingle jingle, etc.

A quick blog while I hurtle north on a train for a few days of festive rest & snuggling up – I hope everyone’s able to spend this time of year with the people...