Inward-looking BBC Documentary about what a groundbreaking show The Young Ones was, and how the performers in it impacted the UK alternative comedy scene. I loved it, because of it being a walk through my favourite paddocks – but one’s got to question what we learn from a documentary like this, other than that it’s sometimes beneficial to have a system whereby people can go off and do their own thing which doesn’t conform to the norm. Blew my mind a little that Series 1 was made in 1982, and if anything surprised me that when I was discovering The Young Ones at the age of about 8 or 9 I was actually watching something contemporary, rather than all the other British TV I loved, which had been made in the 70s or earlier.  But then at 8 I had very little concept of time… good job those days are over, eh?

How The Young Ones Changed Comedy
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