Intriguingly, after my last post I got 6 or 7 emails from people saying “But didn't you have BACKUPS ?”… I think the obvious answer is that if I had backups I wouldn't be nearly as cranked off ! As it happens, there may be hope yet – I fired the lappy up and it got as far as the WinXP logo before bluescreening, meaning that I may yet be able to salvage data from it. The crunchy sounds didn't seem as bad, and as soon as I figure a way to lift that data the thing's going back to Toshiba with a nice cranky note explaining how displeased I am that in under 12 months it's had 3 warranty repairs required. Not that it'll get me very far, I'm sure…

Have been housesitting a mate's flat in Camden for the last few days – this place is the coolest ! Aside from there being something intrinsically attractive about living 200 yards away from one's office (i.e. get up at 9:30 and still be at work on time !), Camden's also one of my favourite neighbourhoods – I daresay I never imagined anything as colorful and outright weird, coming from a relatively straight place like Adelaide. Granted, it gets a bit seedy after dark – I think this evening on my way up the high street I was offered skunk, hash, coke and smack about 15 or 16 times in various permutations – but what a neat spot !

The place I'm staying is right across from The Jazz Cafe, although I suppose that's not really worth mentioning because since being here I haven't yet visited it – haven't been in the mood after all this nonsense with my damn laptop.

My new job's pretty cool so far – they seem a neat bunch of people, and it's good to be working in a big company again… lots of business areas to make up the business, and plenty of interesting things to hear about. We've got the company Christmas party this Friday night, so that ought to be… errm… instructive!

Better dash or I'll miss my train back to the Kensal Rise mansion.

2004-12-08 : “Fecund” isn’t as rude a word as it sounds.
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