Possibly the most appealing aspect of this cooking competition programme is that everybody in it is competent. The field of entries for “The Professionals” has clearly been sifted thoroughly before we get to the first round – and though the odd one slips through that totally bodges up their first round cook it TENDS to be more down to those that had bad luck on the day, or cocked up their timings… rather than the complete random assortment you’d get on Bake Off.  Having said that, one of the highlights is watching people negotiate the Skills Test – especially when it’s clear they’ve No Idea how the thing in question is made. AND, as an even bigger bonus, as a viewer you get to see it done first by Marcus Wareing or Monica Galletti!

Once the contest got up and running this season the field in the semi-finals and onwards were a very well-honed group of chefs – making the final 5 or so a genuine nailbiter.  Very impressive skills on display, and some very talented young individuals really gave it their all.

Grace Dent can still fuck off though. 👍

Masterchef: The Professionals – 2021 / Season 14
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