Intriguing Australian comedy/drama about sisters brought together after discovering that the scientist heading up the IVF clinic was “enriching the mix”, and the nature/nurture conflicts arising from learning you have an unknown number of siblings. Neat premise, and some fairly complex characters hanging off it, making for quite a good …

Secret City

Canberra-based political intrigue based on Australia-US-China relations, featuring an actress who I kept thinking “looked a lot like Olivia Dunham from Fringe, only less boring” until I googled it and found it was the same actress. Quite well-executed, and I didn’t even find the accents too annoying! Daniel Wyllie’s character …

Breaking Bad – Season 3

Breaking Bad is a series of amazing moral ambiguity, and also probably the one thing that I’m the last person on the planet to have watched. I *love* shows where character’s explored to the point where you find yourself hoping a character succeeds despite them doing reprehensible acts because you …

The Romanoffs

Not sure what it is with vignettes/short stories – perhaps TV’s post-Sopranos trend toward longer narrative & character arcs has conditioned my brain not to enjoy short snapshots; although in this case sometimes they’re blissfully short. A real mixed bag, and critically slated.  👎


Series playing out the scenario where successful company founder father dies (potentially) and leaves bickering family with power struggle and management responsibility. Kinda made me think of a non-comedic Arrested Development; all of the dysfunction and ineptitude, but much more at stake. Decent enough watch, but the series was pulled …

Ozark – Season 2

Our old everyman chum Jason Bateman is back, this time without a comedic backing and set in the tense world of money laundering and drug cartels in Missouri. Laura Linney also performing a tour de force. You really find yourself wishing Marty could catch a break now and then. 👍👍

Goliath Season 2

Billy Bob Thornton’s fallen-off-the-rails lawyer in his second season, with a pretty convoluted story, some incredible characters (as in, how’d a screenwriter come up with this stuff?!), and a fairly engaging way to tell an against-all-odds story. 👍

Billions – Season 3

Ongoing high-stakes game of cat & mouse between hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod and USDA Chuck Rhoades.  We’ve been following this for a while now and are very much caught up in it. Corporate malfeasance, deviousness, intrigue… 👍

The Handmaid’s Tale

Bloody compelling future/sci-fi which I daresay I don’t need to summarise because EVERYONE’S watched it, seemingly. Gripping story, exceptionally well told – however it often borders on torture porn… like, what level of extremism will we “the audience” be complicit in accepting by watching it in order to follow the …